Endemol tangos into LatAm with JLo series

ed ©RapidTVNews | 30-01-2012

Weeks after seemingly securing its financial basis, Endemol has closed deals with networks across Latin America for XIX Entertainment’s ˇQ’viva! The Chosen ahead of the show’s international premier.
The leading entertainment programming house has promised that after securing its financial future it would pursue exciting growth initiatives and is now claiming that it will deliver unprecedented distribution covering 17 networks in all 21 Latin American markets for the talent series starring Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. Broadcast in English, Spanish, and Portuguese ˇQ’viva! The Chosen documents the personal journeys that JLo and Anthony uncover as they travel across the continent assembling a cast of performers to create a live event.

The series—produced in partnership with BlackBerry and is sponsored by Kohl’s, American Airlines and the Inter-American Development Bank—will begin reaching a trans-continental audience of Spanish and Portuguese speakers with an English language version of the show airing later.
Endemol Argentina will be XIX’s pan-Latin American production partner for the series, which was filmed through the second half of 2011 in cities and villages across 21 countries, including the United States and Puerto Rico, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guatemala, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Paraguay, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and Uruguay.
Simon Fuller, CEO of XIX Entertainment, and creator of the hugely successful Pop Idol and American Idol formats, said: “The Latin American viewing audience is an underestimated powerhouse and Q'Viva is our recognition and celebration of this plain fact. To showcase this amazing project to its full potential we’re delighted to work with Endemol to put together an unprecedented broadcast opportunity to ensure that the show is seen in every country of the Americas.”
Philippe Maigret, the Endemol executive who brokered the partnership with XIX Entertainment added: “We are thrilled with the success of our partnership with Simon Fuller and XIX for this extraordinarily exciting and ambitious project. Logistically there has never been a production to take on the challenge of discovering and filming artists in so many countries and the scale of the show’s international broadcast is set to be equally unprecedented.”
ˇQ’viva! The Chosen will climax in what the two companies boast will be the biggest Latin American live show ever, staged at a major venue in the USA.