TV4U commissions TVS Television Network

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 30-01-2012

TV4U, the 48-channel IPTV free online TV network, has commissioned the TVS Television Network to make English and Spanish version programming.

TV4U.Com and the TVS Television Network are owned by Margate Entertainment LLC, an independent audio, video, and print content provider.
TV4U.Com boasts 44 English IPTV channels such as TVS Sports.Com, TVS Western.Com, and TVS Comedy.Com; and four Spanish IPTV channels, including TVS Deportes.Com and KSHO Latina.Com. Networks such as the Nostalgia TV Network, Front Row Sports and Entertainment, and the TVS Television Network run multiple IPTV channels within the TV4U.Com IPTV network.
TVS, the fourth oldest commercial TV network in the USA, says it will be the first network to make its programming in both English and Spanish versions. It will also be providing programming to Spanish broadcast TV stations via the Azteca America Network, in addition to its current line-up of independent English broadcast stations. TVS has been supplying sports and entertainment programming to TV stations since 1961.
The Spanish sports and entertainment programming began its roll out to Azteca America stations with a Saturday night boxing series to KHDF-TV 19, the Azteca America affiliate in Las Vegas. TVS will now offer a weekly entertainment series in Las Vegas as well. Both shows will roll out to other Azteca America affiliates after an initial 6 week preview run in Sin City.