ER Telecom assess progress
10.22 Europe/London, February 1, 2012 By Chris Dziadul

The Russian cable operator ER Telecom ended 2011 with 3,912,000 subscribers to its services, or 44% more than a year earlier.

Its cable TV subscriber total, at 1,747,000, was 43% up year-on-year, while the number of internet and telephony subscribers stood at 1,899,000 (+39%) and 265,000 (+98%) respectively.

Its network meanwhile reached 6.7 million households, compared to 4.3 million a year earlier.

Broadband services, at R6,166 million (154.7 million), accounted the almost two-thirds (64%) of its revenues, with cable TV claiming R2,868 million 29%) and telephony R650 million (7%).

ARPU stood at R285, including 18% VAT, or 2% more than a year earlier.

Looking ahead to this year, ER Telecom expects its revenues to increase by nearly 50% to over R14 billion.

It also predicts 9% growth in the broadband and 13% in the pay-TV markets, noting that both are gradually approaching saturation in Russia.

Most growth in 2011 was focused on the Russian regions.