Dailymotion launches Mass Uploader and discussion forums

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly ©RapidTVNews | 02-02-2012

Paris-based video sharing website Dailymotion has launched a free new tool to enable the bulk uploading of videos and grow its library of more than 22 million videos.
The Dailymotion Mass Uploader allows users to upload their videos to Dailymotion without even visiting the website. Instead, the application can be downloaded to a user's operating system and once installed can upload large quantities of videos independent of the Dailymotion website.
The Mass Uploader also allows users to pause and resume uploads, to add titles, tags, and descriptions.
Dailymotion has also introduced a new innovation allowing users to make video sharing more interactive. New discussion forums have been launched to provide a place for the growing levels of discussions around video topics.
Dailymotion’s content is categorised into themes and the new forums have been created along the same themes. Users can post videos or link to other topics, or start new conversations.
New forums include the MotionMakers ones, for users such as actors, musicians and editors. They will provide opportunities to collaborate, get feedback from experts, and share opportunities such as film competitions. Content partners such as broadcasters and production houses, will also have their own forums.