Disney Media Networks Latin America keeps eye on Brazil

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 02-02-2012

Brazil is fast becoming another BRIC in the wall of new business that Disney is building in emerging markets signing a number of agreements in the fast growing country.
Brazil is one of the regions where Disney Media Networks Latin America (DMNLA) distributes the major part of its contents either through new platforms such as VOD or traditional pay-TV operators. In this respect the company is well aware of the fact that its presence in the different video on demand (VOD) platforms is key in its distribution strategy.
In one example the company signed a deal with NetMovies, Brazil's largest streaming content provider, to distribute some of its content.
Market dynamics are changing fast due to changes made by law 12.485/2011, which states that there must be a minimum amount of national production in the country's pay TV networks.
"Brazil is a priority for our company that goes beyond Latin America; it's a priority in the same way that India, China and Russia are," said one of DMNLA’s SVPs of distribution and production who confirmed that NetMovies would be "the most developed platform in Latin America, considering the country's broadband and population."
DMNLA has also closed a deal with leading network Telecine, which has been distributing its product's on Globosat's premium networks since October 2011. In addition to the company's strong investment in content distribution within the digital world, DMNLA continues to produce series, telenovelas and animated content, such as 'A Corazón Abierto -a Grey's Anatomy' adaptation, co-produced with TV Azteca and Vista Productions which premiered late last year on Azteca 13-, the Colombian version of 'Dónde está Elisa' -which will air on RCN-, and the recently announced adaptation of 'Brothers & Sisters', which will also be co-produced with Vista and will be broadcast on the Colombian network.