Recently updated both my dream 800 and dream 500HD original boxes that were running Gemini 5.1 image to a newer image.

It happens that with all the images I tested - ICVS+GP3, newnigma2, dream-elite, oozoon, etc - and with several skins - HDR2, glass HD 16 - I can't the anymore one information about the services that was very important!
I'm talking about the different CAID info and PRVID info that are being aired for that channel (I am not talking about the ECM info which shows the current decrypting CAID/PRVID, that info is available under ECM expert).
I used to see this under "menu->information->service", but now the picture is incomplete showing only some details (name, provider,aspect ratio, resolution, namespace, service reference).

Has anyone experienced this? And any solution found?

Ma Man