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Thread: Updating MRv module without Funcard

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    Updating MRv module without Funcard

    Is there a way of updating an MRev card without using a Funcard.

    I have tried with so many so many different update files and each time the module reads the card for a few minutes and then rejects it.

    Previously I had succesfully updated twice. The second time I used the "MRB300 for Mrv" file. Could this be the reason it will not return to an "MRv 2.23" bin file?

    Is it possible to load the file directly from the PC. CaS studio appears to offer the possibility of connecting directly to the CAM but I can't get it out of demo mode. Perhaps I need to use a CaS module ( I am using an Infinity USB).

    Otherwise I am stuck. Any suggestions please!

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    Re: Updating MRv module without Funcard

    I have Cas 3 Interface from duolabs, you put the Cas 3 in to your Pc ( Usb cable ) , Cam into the Cas 3 interface, and use CAS Interface Studio 7.4 program to update ..

    Never had any problem with the ( old :) ) MRev Cam ...

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