Editor ©RapidTVNews | 03-02-2012 Cloud-based global streaming technology provider Octoshape has announced a strategic partnership with software development company Craftwork that it claims will disrupt the over-the-top (OTT) market. The partners say that they can bring to the market high quality, scalable video distribution that meet proven digital TV integration and which can address the host of challenges that they feel are inherent to OTT consumer offerings. These include video quality, network capacity, profitable business models, and time to market concerns. However the partners say that their work in the form of the Octoshape Infinite HD platform makes these goals attainable. The solution is designed to offer the highest quality video in the space into the living room. Furthermore, Octoshape claims that unlike traditional OTT adaptive bit rate technologies, Infinite HD is able to sustain quality without the need to shift in and out of HD resolution, replicating the experience the consumer is accustomed to in the living room. Octoshape also insists that Infinite HD can offer efficiency models to the last mile enabling the telcos and operators to roll out these services without upgrading their infrastructure. For its part, Craftwork will offer experience in integrating linear and VOD digital TV services for large operators and content providers and is providing pre-integrated ARM Cortex A9 STBs to rapidly deploy the OTT solutions for providers. Ultimately, Octoshape believes that producing TV quality living room experiences on high-resolution devices is a clear milestone to reach in the industry. “The projected consumption of content over-the-top in the next five years is simply staggering”, commented CEO Michael Koehn Milland. “Applying disruptive technologies like Infinite HD with the superior consumer implementations that Craftwork offers will not only facilitate happy consumers and profitable business models but also allow the last mile to scale on existing infrastructure without huge capital deployments.” “We are delighted to forge this strategic partnership with Octoshape,” said Greg Pannell, Craftwork’s Sales & Marketing Director. “Delivery of OTT video content is becoming a critical element to many operators in the digital TV industry, with Octoshape’s unique streaming technology and Craftwork’s proven experience in integrating leading edge technology the partnership between our two companies was an obvious choice. Working closely together, Octoshape and Craftwork have demonstrated the potential for coupling key technology with cost effective set top boxes to deliver compelling OTT solutions.”