TV Cable Ecuador goes for triple play

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 03-02-2012

Ecuador's leading pay-TV operator TV Cable Ecuador has revealed its ambition to be a triple play platform.
Founded in 1986, Cable TV is an Ecuadorian company that offers pay-TV programming to its subscribers with cultural content, family, sports, news, movies, music and kids programming, among other genres. The operator has now reached a penetration of 8% in high-definition, which began operations this year, and 45% of customers take a double play service (television and internet) and 20% of triple play, while offering VOD and Premium Packages.

"We are currently offering PPV [with] 14 movie channels and local football matches, 24 HD signals and triple play," said Jorge Schwartz 'explaining the company's growth throughout Ecuador. “The business is evolving every day and ceased to be just a matter of TV. Look at it as a topic of constant investment in order to provide all telecommunications products and services, including telephony and broadband-to meet the constant demands and [retention] of subscribers.”

"Digital services are available only in the two main cities: Quito and Guayaquil," he added the executive. Thus, the objective of Cable TV is going through complete scanning and bidirectional networks [for all] subscribers in all cities."

As for the problem of piracy in the South American country, Schwartz did not hesitate to qualify the issue as "very serious", which finds, in its opinion, its peak with the AZ Box.

"It's very serious, especially satellite piracy through AZ Box…Unfortunately, neither local authorities nor the programmers do nothing about it," he lamented.