Caracol Internacional looks to Middle East

Ińaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 03-02-2012

Colombia's national independent network Caracol Internacional is to expand towards Middle East countries.
The company regards Central Asia, the Middle East and Northern Africa as its most important markets. Caracol TV Internacional is currently offering 'La Bella Ceci' and 'El Imprudente' in Afghanistan and 'El Cartel 2' is currently being broadcast in Iran, where 'y Temer 'will premiere soon.
The latter, as well as 'El Secretario', is already airing on FOX for the entire Arab region. The company is also having talks with a Middle East network to adapt one of its top formats.
Commented Berta Orozco, the company's sales executive for Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa: "After Latin America, the Central Asia, Middle East and Northern Africa market is the one we have the strongest presence in.” According to the executive, there's a great demand for romantic comedies and TV series aimed at men in this region.