---> und was schon mittlerweile zu ist:

2nd January 2012: Viva & Comedy Central closed around 0300 German time, DMAX lasted until 0900 German time. These should be the last 19E closures before the decimation of the services at the end of April

The 19E shutdown times are staggered:

29.04.2012 - 30.04.2012
21:00 Tp.49 (KI.KA) to closedown
03:00 Tp.30 (rbb)
03:01 Tp.35 (arte)
03:02 Tp.36 (Phoenix)
03:03 Tp.39 (WDR television)
03:04 Tp.40 (TV-hr)
03:05 Tp.41 (BR-alpha)
03:06 Tp.45 (Bavarian Television)
03:07 Tp.43 (MDR network)
03:08 Tp.48 (SWR BW TV)
03:09 Tp.61 (SWR television RP)
03:10 Tp.10 (3sat)
03:11 Tp.33 (ZDF)
03:12 Tp.25 (NDR TV)
03:13 Tp.19 (Das Erste)

1st January 2012: 5 closures over New Years night:
From 19E DMAX - 11377V / Viva Germany - 11612H / & time share channels Nickelodeon & Comedy Central - 11421H
From 5W Canal+ France - 12648V

5W is now down to the two Fransat promos running on 12564V & 12690V

14th December 2011: TF1 has closed as expected. Apparently its carrying the Fransat loop now. Canal+ continues for the time being

3rd December 2011: TF1 & Canal+ are still active on 5W along with the Fransat promo loop.. TF1 will close on December 13th.

29th November 2011: Major changes at 5W as exepcted. All channels have closed apart from TF1 and Canal+. France 2 is still on air but just running a promo loop for the digital Fransat service.

27th November 2011: Two days to go before all 7 channels on 5W are turned off forever :(

9th November 2011: DMAX will also cease off 19E at the end of December. It will close off 11377V Its now just 172 days until final analogue closedown

1st November 2011: Two more channels are confirmed to close at the end of December - time sharing channels Nickelodeon / Comedy Central will close off 11421H

16th October 2011: Viva will close off 11612H on 19E at the end of December

2nd October 2011: All 7 analogue channels on 5W will close on 29th November 2011

1st October 2011: Channel 21 Shop closed off 19E Astra 1KR 11224H at midnight UTC. The frequency has already been digitalised and the Austrian channels are up and running.

18th September 2011: Channel 21 Shop closes off 11224H on 19E on October 1st. The frequency will be digitalised for Austrian TV.

13th August 2011: If you are still using analogue reception from 19E you need to upgrade soon. Only 260 days to final closedown of all the analogue channels off 19E..

11th August 2011:Astra 1N has been safely launched and is heading to 28E to provide interim capacity for the UK until one of the new Astra 2's can be put into service late in 2012.
Yahsat 1A has been launched and has slotted at 52.5E.

7th June 2011: Astra 2C has moved to 19E, and the first channel to move over to her is an analogue service! Arte on 10995H holds the honour, although reports are now coming in that Arte is no longer available in parts of eastern Europe due to the satellite change.

30th April 2011: 1 Year and counting until all remaining analogue channels go off air All remaining channels close at 0200 uk time on 30th April 2012.
Rumours are circulating several of the smaller channels may go later this year

30th March 2011: More news about 30/4/2012. The remaining analogues will all be shutdown at 0300 German time (0200 British Summer Time)

26th March 2011: Not much happening on the satellite front recently, although there is an interesting article about analogue switch off and how it affects the German market:

Almost three million German analogue DTH satellite households need to convert to digital before the final switch-off date of April 30, 2012. “That means 9,000 analogue households need to go digital per workday,” according to Wolfgang Elsäser, managing director Astra Deutschland, during the presentation of the 2010 Satellite Monitor results.

Read the report here

25th February 2011: Today is the 10th anniversary of the site! We have had over 160,000 visits in 10 years!
I never expected either the site to be still going after 10 years or there still to be analogue tv transmissions available in Europe.

1st January 2011: Happy New Year! The last day of 2010 was a bad day with three 19E closures , although one new channel started as well:

Astro TV left its timeshare on 10714H
Neun Live left 10936V a few seconds after 2300 uk time - they had the midnight chimes and some fireworks then the signal was cut
MTV Germany left 11612H

Viva Germany changed frequency from 11127V to 11612H

Sixx has started in the evening timeslot of Astra on 10714H

28th December 2010: After a postponement caused by bad weather Eutelsat's huge internet satellite KaSat was safely launched on an Ariane 5 on December 26th. SHe will slot at 9E and is expected to enter service in May 2011.

1st December 2010: Hylas 1 and Intelsat 17 were successfully launched at the end of November. Hylas 1 is a UK interner bird and will slot at 33.5W. Intelsat 17 will go to 66E.

1st November 2010: Eutelsat decided they couldnt do anything with W3B so she was drained of fuel, the batteries disharged and she was abandoned in her transfer orbit. She is expected to decay in about 25-30 years time.

30th October 2010: Eutelsat had a successful launch of their new bird for 16E on the evening of October 28th. Then an hour after launch a major fuel leak was discovered onboard the craft and she was immediately declared a total loss! Poor old W3B will be deorbited into the Pacific in the next few days. Eutelsat have immediately ordered W3D to replace her, the new sat is expected to launch early in 2013. In the meantime W3C which is under construction will launch summer 2011 and go straight to 16E to allow the three ailing birds there (W2M, Sesat 1 & Eurobird 16A) to be redeployed.

7th October 2010: More 19E closures and changes coming:
MTV will cease at the end of December. The digital version is going pay, so theres no need for the analogue version to be free
Viva will take over the MTV frequency 11612H leaving the old Viva freq 11127V free to be digitalised
Astro TV will cease its evening transmissions on the Kika timeshare on 10714H at the end of December
A new part time channel starts on 1/1/2011!! Sixx will take over the Astro TV evening hours on 10714H

2nd October 2010: According to my German contact 9Live will cease off 19E 10936V on December 31st 2010
Its now less than 600 days until the mass switch off on 30th April 2012.....
I predict quite a few of the smaller channels will cease analogue during 2011 - SES desperately need some of the capacity back for HD & digital transmissions

17th August 2010: 3 recent satellite changes at 19E
10803 H : N24 moved from Astra 1KR to Astra 1M
10936 V : 9 Live moved from Astra 1KR to Astra 1M
11421 V : Nick Deutschland/Comedy Central Deutschland moved from Astra 1L to Astra 1KR

The final analogue channel on Hotbird 13E was turned off on July 27th (TV5 Monde on 11320V). The transponder has been digitalised for HD services. 13E has now been removed from the active analogue satellites list.