Super Bowl ads get 'second-screen' treatment with synched apps

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 06-02-2012

A number of national brands are looking to target the second screen opportunity with tablet apps that pair with big marquee events, like this year's Super Bowl.

Advertising platform provider SecondScreen Networks ran ads with a number of Super Bowl advertisers, including domain name seller Go Daddy, to deliver digital advertising on social TV / companion apps synched in real-time to their TV spots during the game. Ads will run on both iPhone apps and Websites. Viewers engaged with apps like PrePlay Sports and Tapcast, when certain TV commercials run during the game, a complementary digital spot (a “Sync Ad”) will display on their smartphones, tablets or laptops. The company expects to see "huge" levels of engagement in the final analysis.
"Clearly this will be the biggest Super Bowl for ‘second screen’ and social TV apps," said David Markowitz in a blog for the company. Apps and Websites with any game-related content should see huge traffic spikes from last year."
The Super Bowl Sync Ad campaign is the first of a number of ‘water cooler’ events around which SecondScreen plans to run Sync Ads. Other upcoming events include the Oscar’s and the Final Four basketball tournament.