NFL Network adds Thursday primetime games, Spanish version of RedZone

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 06-02-2012

The NFL Network will be adding more national primetime telecasts for the 2012 season, with a Spanish-language version of the popular NFL RedZone highlights offering.

Following the terms of the new NFL contracts with ESPN, CBS, FOX and NBC, the network will air five additional Thursday Night Football games, which were previously shown by CBS and FOX, for a total of 13 telecasts, to be shown from week 2 to week 15, minus the Thanksgiving games. The additional Thursday night games mean that every team will have a Thursday game at some point in the season, as well as a primetime appearance.
The Spanish-language version of the Sunday afternoon NFL RedZone broadcast has no pay-TV partners just yet, and it's not clear how it will be packaged. It could become part of a Hispanic bundle or be offered as part of a premium sports tier, like Comcast, Verizon and others offer its English counterpart. The programming offers coverage of any action around the league that occurs within the 20-yard line, or the red zone, to ensure viewers have access to all scoring plays.
NFL Network, which reaches 60 million pay-TV subscribers, averaged a record 6.2 million viewers for each of its eight games in 2011. It hopes that with the additional content it can woo more affiliates to its family, especially tow big holdouts: Time Warner Cable and Cablevision.
"Every cable operator other than the two have seen that that is good for their customers," said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. "We'll continue to work with them, we'll continue to try to get an agreement but the market has spoken: the NFL Network is here and it's going to continue to grow."