Portugal: 2.9 million homes take pay TV
10.15 Europe/London, February 6, 2012 By Robert Briel

There were 2.9 million subscribers to pay TV services in Portugal as at the end of 4th Quarter 2011, according to telecom regulator Anacom.

The figure sees an increase of 69,000 more than in the previous quarter and 202,000 more than in the same period of 2010. If the total number of private dwellings is considered, it appears that the penetration rate of subscription TV has reached 51.8 subscribers per 100 households.

Anacom defines subscription or pay TV as any subscription to a platform, cable, satellite or IPTV as compared with free TV, which is broadcast via the DTT network.

As at the end ofQ4, Q2011, the cable TV distribution service accounted for 48.6% of total subscription TV subscribers (0.6% less than in the previous quarter), while DTH represented 23.5% and ”other technologies” (xDSL/IP and FWA) accounted for 19.1%.

The weight of optical fibre (FTTH/B) continues to increase, already accounting for 8.8% of the total number of subscribers. FTTH/B offers made the largest contribution to the growth of the service, and was chosen, in net terms, by about 6 out of every 10 new customers.

Meanwhile, Grupo ZON/TV Cabo continues to have the largest market share in terms of subscription TV subscribers (53.9%), followed by PT Comunicações, with about 35% of total subscribers. Cabovisão remains the third largest operator, with a share of 8.6%.