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Thread: [AVIS] - JTAG (Alim USB)

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    [AVIS] - JTAG (Alim USB)

    Bonjour, voila apres aovir parcouru les webshop Sat, et Ebay je suis tomber sur Ebay sur un JTAG avec alim USB bref il a l'air vraiment super!! et multi !!

    j'aimerai avoir l'avis de certain ci c'est possible qu'il flash un PHILIPS TS6 de préférence et autre... car ci les avis son POSITIF je l'achete!!! et je vous donerai mon compte rendu sachant que c'est fabriqué au canada.

    Product Information

    This is the fully assembled professional made USB Powered Buffered All In One (Universal) JTAG Cable. We use surface mount components, All components including the 74HCT244 (Octal Buffer, TTL Logic Level) are soldered on a very small PCB and packaged in the DB25 shell. The cable can be directly connect to your computer.

    The buffered cable is more reliable than the simple JTAG cable. This USB powered buffered jtag cable eliminates external batteries or power source. Just plug the USB cable to your computer's USB port.

    This is the tool everyone is looking for to repair the dreaded GLS (Green Light Syndrome).

    This is also the tool you will need to use to repair your unit if it has stopped powering up and to repair many other symptoms.

    This USB powered Buffered All In One cable includes a 20 pin socket, 10 pin socket and a pogo adapter for you convenience. One cable works on all devices!

    It can be used to fix:

    PANSAT 2300A, 2500A, 2700A, 3000 and 3500
    FORTEC LIFETIME ULTRA'S (If your reciever wont power up this is the tool you will need to repair it)
    STEALTH 2000A'S
    Pantec, Multistar and Pansat 3000 and more!

    The repair procedure is very easy and can be performed Quickly with little skill.

    This package includes:

    • USB Powered Buffered All in one JTAG Board
    • 20 conductors ribbon cable with headers
    • 10 conductors ribbon cable with headers
    • 5 pin pogo adapter with alligator clip for grounding

    PIN 1: TDO
    PIN 2: TMS
    PIN 3: TCK
    PIN 4: TDI
    PIN 5: TRST
    PIN 6: GROUND (Alligator Clip)

    Pogo pins are 0.156" (3.96mm) apart. We use crown type pogo pins for solid connection.

    le site canadien qui le fourni : h**p://

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    Re: [AVIS] - JTAG (Alim USB)


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    Re: [AVIS] - JTAG (Alim USB)

    il me semble pas compatible avec ton philips malheureusement mais si tu as un autre tuner a faire ou il est compatible ca vaut la peine mais je dirait que tu leurs fait un mail et demande si c'est ok pour ton philips mais donne le model complet OK

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    Re: [AVIS] - JTAG (Alim USB)

    Voila je leur est répondu avec un schéma du JTAG "DU PAUVRE"

    Voici ce qu'il mon répondu et je comprend pas trop...


    I have looked at the table, the schematic is similar but not exact the same. The difference is on the connector side. if you compare the schematic with ours at:

    You will know what I am saying. The best bet is to make one by yourself, it is not that hard. The steps to make one for TS6 is very similar to:

    What you need to watch out is how the wires from resistors connect to the header.

    let us know if you have any problems.


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    Wink Re: [AVIS] - JTAG (Alim USB)

    est ce que ce jtag marche pour la visionette vn 8000 mercis pour la réponse

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    Re: [AVIS] - JTAG (Alim USB)

    j'en c'esr rien dutotu lol Ecri leur, a force il se pencheron sur les shémas et veron ci c'est compatible ou pas. join leur ton model de démo, et shéma trouver bricoler de ton jtag pour ton demo sur le net.

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