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Thread: opos C+NL !!!!!WARNING!!! !!

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    opos C+NL !!!!!WARNING!!! !!

    This is the reason fellas
    The file dated 28th on the opos-site was put there by a rival card manufacturer.
    They hacked the OPOS site and planted the rouge file there to kill everyones cards.
    The file dated 28th is nothing what so ever to do with the real opos team.
    The rouge file has put the boottrap time to "00" and this fooks the card beyond repair

    It has emerged that a certain rival card team has been named as the culprit for this rouge file-------cards are dead because of their greed. Recently forums other than ***** have experienced data bank attacks resulting in damage, lost data and now this, if greed has now entered into this hobby of ours resulting in open rivalry


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    Re: opos C+NL !!!!!WARNING!!! !!

    Tell me about, i was wondering why i couldent erase my opos card, i guess this is the answer, do u know if there is any recovery files out there?, and is there an C+ file for opos, thats not currupted??

    Thanks alot for your help

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    Re: opos C+NL !!!!!WARNING!!! !!

    you can find the opos file on funfiles

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