Content may be king, but experience is everything says ALU

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 07-02-2012

Alcatel-Lucent has expanded customer experience solutions portfolio to enable communications service providers to manage, analyse and optimise the connected customer experience.
Recognising the paramount nature of experience, indeed that it can be a key determinant in the fundamental issue of customer retention, ALU’s new solutions set out to improve the experience that consumers with their smartphones, tablets and other connected devices. When consumers buy a new device or service they expect everything will work right from the start and that any glitch be quickly resolved. The expectation is that the focus is on the customer - not just the network.
Explaining the rationale for such a move in such an area, ALU observed the necessity for communications service providers to work to make it easier to buy, own and use their products, pointing to research showing that 15% of smartphones are returned because consumers encounter problems getting them to work even though in two-thirds of these cases, there is no issue found. Indeed, stressed ALU, making devices and services simpler to use and configure not only improves the customer experience but it can also minimise the customer support burden.
Comprising four suites, each of which is designed to address various critical
touch points in the relationship between communications service providers and their customers, ALU’s Motive Customer Experience Solutions (CXS) portfolio sets out to provide software and expert services to help communications service providers manage their customer relationships over a wide range of touch points, with dashboards that infer overall customer experience and allow for detailed customer experience insights.
The Motive CX Management is focused on getting new devices, applications and services up and running quickly, by simplifying their introduction on the network, managing upgrades and service modifications, while Motive CX Analytics provides monitoring tools that track the performance of the devices, applications and services running on the network. An Optimisation suite is designed to empower communications service providers to provide their customers with the best service experience possible while making better use of network capacity.