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Thread: Help getting locals from Miami

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    Help getting locals from Miami

    Hi, I am looking for help regarding this. Right now i am getting locals for Atlanta, is there a way I can configure something so I can get the locals from Miami.


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    Re: Help getting locals from Miami

    There is nothing to configure..either you get them or you don't..depends on how far the "footprint" of those locals go. You didn't state where you are located so it's kind of hard to say. Most locals on dishnetwork are in the 7000-9000 channel range. Try a fresh scan of the sats might yeild some new locals.

    Your FunFiles Team

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    Re: Help getting locals from Miami

    Thanks, I am in Cuba but I wonder why some of my friends are getting locals from Miami and I am getting them from Atlanta. I am using My Theatre and my dish is aimed at 241 Echostar.

    Thanks again Captain

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    Re: Help getting locals from Miami

    Okies I did a little research and here's what I found out. Most of the Flordia locals are located on frequency 12224 V and 12253 V. Open up your .ini file for satellite 241 and make sure these are there. Settings should be 2000 SR. If not I have enclosed an updated .ini for that satellite. In MyTheatre you can go to lnb settings , click on the 2410, in the right side you can select these two frequencies and scan just those ( that way it doesn't mess up your .mdb file with hexed formats) to see if it will yeild the flordia locals. Good luck..sorry can't help more..I live in the northeast past of the states. Let me know how it goes and I will try to find out more if nothing is found. Make sure LOF 1 is set to 11250000 SW 0 and LOF 2 11250000.

    Your FunFiles Team

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