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    DVR-Studio HD

    DVR-Studio HD1.83.1 und Studio HD 2.22.2

    07.Februar 2012

    The most important change:

    Fix: Vantage VT-export equipment was faulty in 2.22
    When exporting equipment in the format it came in the experiment of the image on the receiver to seek or to jump to a termination. You should have those pictures on the receiver, they just do it again please let into DVR-Studio HD upload and export again. Here, the control files will be rewritten, which were the cause of these crashes.
    For the fact we want to apologize.

    Fix: Wrong date in the Smart Zappix + / CX10 export
    The export for the receiver, the date the file was attached incorrectly.

    Fix: "Error Log" error message on some systems
    The writing of log files was broken in older versions, which meant that was necessary to create any new PC's logs. In version 2.22, we can spend these crashes with a message and were able to resolve this feedback in the beta test in 2.22.1 and cooperation to affected customers and fix it. In 2.22.2 we have now removed this message window.

    Fix: Split a combined record was no longer possible
    The I-II-III button can be summed up not only images but also disassemble already aggregated files into single files can. This feature was unfortunately disturbed.

    Fix: Menu-Chapter Wizard - Screenshot unnecessary was removed at 0:00:00
    In the rerun of an edited file with chapter marks a trademark has been unnecessarily inserted at the very beginning.
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