Uruguay upgrades law on telecoms

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 12-02-2012

The Uruguayan government is to prepare a new telecommunications bill in 2012 to re-establish the industry's regulatory framework.

It will apply to the internet, cable TV and mobile phones, none of which were around in 1974, when the last telecommunications laws were created in Uruguay. Although these laws have since been revised, the changes have only complicated things, generating an overlap of scattered rules. Technological growth has "surpassed" the current laws, generating conflict among private and public entities present in the industry.
Edgardo Ortuño, undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry in Uruguay, told the El Observador newspaper: "The current laws are fragmented and outdated in relation to the technological development in Uruguay, which has caused several legal vacuums and different interpretations."
Ortuño believes establishing the new laws will be especially complicated in regard to new technologies and those areas with high levels of competition between public and private entities.
The government will also try to limit the concept of "basic services" for the citizens, which include lower costs for telephony and internet packages, something that's not currently the case in Uruguay.