Adenhart, fellow accident victims honored

By Cash Kruth / | 02/11/12 3:10 PM EST

Family and friends of those who died with former Angels right-hander Nick Adenhart in a 2009 accident caused by a drunk driver were scheduled to meet Saturday afternoon in Manhattan Beach, Calif., to dedicate a commemorative wall that will honor the victims, according to multiple reports.
Representatives from the Angels, including ace Jered Weaver, were also expected to attend the ceremony.
The Pearson-Wilhite-Stewart-Adenhart Commemorative Wall will be next to the Big Marine field in Manhattan Beach. The wall will honor Adenhart, 22, and his friends Courtney Frances Stewart, 20, and Henry Pearson, 25, who died in the crash, and Jon Wilhite, who survived despite suffering significant injuries.

"There are many people, and many families, beyond our own who were affected by the passing of Henry, Courtney and Nick and the terrible injuries Jon was forced to endure," Henry Pearson's father, Nigel, said in a news release. "While we all remember those we have lost, our families believe it is critical to remind everyone, and especially our teens and young adults, about how a single moment of drunk driving can devastate innocent people's lives.
"We each hope this commemorative wall -- as well as the field itself -- can act as an inspiration so that people will think twice about having a drink and then climbing behind the wheel of a car. We have unfortunately sacrificed teammates and close friends, people whom we have loved deeply, and yet we hope that these efforts can help to save future lives so they may not have passed entirely in vain.