Q4 surge puts 4.4m Freeview HD boxes in UK homes
February 13, 2012 By Julian Clover

Sales of 1.3 million receivers in the run up to Christmas have taken the number of Freeview HD devices sold to 4.4 million as of December 2011.

Year of year sales of Freeview HD televisions more than doubled in December 2011 and Freeview+ HD now accounts for more than 30% of all sales of the Freeview personal video recorder.

Figures from the audience research organization Barb shows that two million homes are now using Freeview HD on a regular basis.

In a further reflection of current market trends, Freeview also reports that of the 2.6 million smart TVs sold, 90% are Freeview HD televisions. The majority of Freeview HD set-tops are also thought to have internet connectivity.

The roll out of Freeview HD will be completed in October. Currently 81% of the UK can receive the service, by the Olympics this will increase to 85% and the whole country will be able to receive Freeview HD at the end of digital switchover.

The number of homes with Freeview on a main television set is currently 10.6 million.