Switch Media expands VOD development teams

Louise Duffy ©RapidTVNews | 14-02-2012

Multi-platform video specialist Switch Media has expanded its VOD development teams in Sydney and Mumbai.
Switch Media CEO Christopher Stenhouse said: “Our development teams are in Sydney and Mumbai as this is the best way to capitalise on local expertise and requirements. India has a greater focus on live events and Australia emphasizes VOD. As a result, it's the VOD team that's developing here, and the live skills team in India. Meanwhile as our business is growing we've added more developers to both teams.
“The variety in the use of our software and technology also extends to our clients and we now have projects we are working on that involve companies all around the world. As a result we have expanded the VOD teams in Sydney and Mumbai to create areas of specialization around all Android devices, Apple devices (iPads and iPhones), connected smart TVs and game consoles.”