Discovery inks production alliance with Colombian government

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 14-02-2012

Discovery Communications has signed a strategic alliance with Colombia’s Ministry of the Information Technologies and Communication to produce high quality TV content.

The deal will also see the company promote entertainment programs in the TV production world and establishes those programmes produced in Colombia to be transmitted through the channels of the Discovery's portfolio.
Discovery has promised to make major investments in Colombia's local economy collaborating with the creative community and working together with the Colombian government in order to produce high quality programs about this nation.
These programs will contribute to develop and promote the Colombian culture and at the same time allowing several national producers to acquire the required experience and new technical capabilities. Both parties also hope to have the first co-production this year on Discovery and the Colombian public network.
Discovery recently opened an office in Colombia to capitalise major opportunities within this country's TV market.