Cablevisión to sell local pay-TV in Paraguay

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 14-02-2012

As state-owned Copaco is considering acquiring 50% stake in the company, Cablevisión is trying to sell a local pay-TV platform in Paraguay.
Reports from the country suggest that Fernando Lugo, president of Paraguay, has met with Cablevisión's management—an Argentine company that managed all of Paraguay's pay-TV industry—to negotiate the company's expansion through new networks in the country. Cablevisión has reportedly also offered to sell its local pay TV and Internet services to state-owned telco Copaco, which is seriously considering the offer.
According to '' Copaco is searching for the funding to acquire a 50% stake in Cablevisión's Paraguayan affiliate.
Copaco's IPTV service was supposed to be launched in December 2011, but is yet to be released. All that's left to do now is wait for all parties to consider the options and determine Cablevisión's future; a company that has 120,000 pay-TV subscribers in Paraguay and also provides broadband services through Fibertel.
Cablevisión CEO Carlos Moltini has stated that the company intends to start a strategic partnership to develop and be more competitive, adding new services such as triple play and mobile options. This is why he says Cablevisión will look for a strategic partner and is willing to "give up part of its business" if necessary to develop these projects.