Canal+ Spain faces new content changes

I˝aki Ferreras ęRapidTVNews | 15-02-2012

The new deal that subscribers to Canal + may enjoy starting from March 2012 will bring interesting developments regarding the new organisation of the channels.
Even though not every issue regarding the running of the services have been rectified, it has been confirmed that thee will be a new channel for Spain's main satellite pay-TV operator, Motors TV.
The EPG of the platform has changed so that there wilbe new positions for NatGeo Wild, National Geographic, Odyssey, Discovery Channel, Travelling, History and Bio as well as for Canal Cocina, Decasa and Canal Club, the television shopping channel.
As for the film section there is the loss of Canal + Action 30, which will cause the other channels that were then moving one position. This involves Canal + Multiplex, Canal + Action, Canal + Comedy, Canal + and DCine.
Other channels changing dial position include Dissney Cinemagic, TCM 45, TCM Author, Hollywood Spanish DCine and the MGM Channel, which also has HD version.
Most of the developments related to the dial changes are related to the numbering of Canal + Sport channels such as Channel + Multisport, Canal + League, Canal + Liga2 and Canal + Football as well as Canal + Sport, Canal + Sport 2 HD, Canal + Golf and SportmanÝa.
Eurosport channel will occupy precisely dial 60, after which will be Teledeporte, Real Madrid TV and BaršaTV.