DirecTV brings 2 new NBA basketball feeds to Latin Amercia

Juan Pablo Conti ęRapidTVNews | 15-02-2012

DirecTV, the satellite powerhouse of Latin America, has added two more channels for basketball fans in the region, with content provided from the National Basketball Association.

The channels are NBA TV Channel 644 and 677, which will feature sports coverage as well as more games and programming platforms to offer full access and engagement with the shortened 2011-12 season.
The two channels join existing exclusive DirecTV Sports signals, which are broadcast in standard definition and in two feeds for high definition. Included are Monday and Saturday game exclusives and highlights from the championship series. There's also NBA Pass, a premium package that offers three games every day during the 100 or so days of the regular season.
"DirecTV is the leading operator in sporting content, transmitting about 1000 hours of exclusive sporting events in high definition a year and with greater coverage of top events around the world," the company said.
"The League is committed to offer more ways to experience the thrill of our game for fans of Latin America," said Philippe Moggio, vice President of the NBA for Latin America.