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Thread: Latest Version Windows Essentials Codec Pack

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    Latest Version Windows Essentials Codec Pack

    Windows Essentials Codec Pack 4.0

    New and improved features:

    • Added support for WebM files
    • Added AC-3 in MP4 support
    • Added a 64-bit version(s)
    • New multi-threaded H.264 decoder: ffmpeg-mt
    • DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD bitstreaming support for the ATI Radeon HD5000 series, ASUS Xonar sound cards and Intel Clarkdale CPUs
    • New color space converters:

      • Supported input color spaces: progressive YV12, progressive NV12, YV16, YUY2
      • Supported output color spaces: RGB24, RGB32
      • High quality chroma upscaling
      • Added dithering to reduce "banding"
      • Support for color primary parameters such as ITU-R BT.601/709, input and output levels
      • RGB conversion done in 11-bit or higher
      • Significant improvements in YV12 -> YUY2, YUY2 -> RGB, and YV12 -> RGB conversion performance
      • Requires SSE2-capable CPU; for better performance multi-core CPU recommended

    • New RGB conversion options:

      • Output levels ("Computer monitor" or "TV/Projector")
      • YCbCr specification "Auto" (uses H.264's VUI or width > 1024: BT.709, width <= 1024: BT.601)

    • Various improvements in the Subtitle filter:

      • Improved rendering quality, memory usage and performance
      • General code cleanup
      • SSA/ASS subtitles: better compatibility (support for position & move tags), better calculation of line wrapping, new dialog to configure ASS specific options. Also support added for ASS tags within SRT subtitles (SubViewer)

    • FFDShowAPI: .NET wrapper around FFDShowRemoteAPI allows integration of ffdshow with third-party applications
    • FFDShowRemoteAPI:

      • Improved subtitle/audio streams detection; now compatible with most filters handling the IAMStreamSelect interface
      • New command to disable FF/RW OSD
      • When using absolute positioning, x and y coordinates are now representing pixels instead of percentages
      • Added new parameter to determine the duration in which a message will be displayed

    • OSD settings are now based on the current ffdshow preset; this allows turning OSD on/off using the "Automatic preset loading" mechanism
    • Buffered video RAM access improves video memory access in certain scenarios
    • AviSynth filter now uses AviSynth's frames for buffering which improves performance and reduces the filter's memory usage
    • "Max. amplification" in the Normalization filter will only be applied after pressing "Apply"
    • Better handling of DVD menus
    • Improved autocrop algorithm
    • Added RealVideo 8 (RV30) support
    • Added soft telecine detection
    • Added several new preset autoload conditions
    • libavcodec is now used by default to decode Theora videos
    • libavcodec is now used as Dolby TrueHD decoder instead of MLP
    • Various updates to libavcodec
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