Oz hit film to debut on Facebook in the US

Louise Duffy ©RapidTVNews | 16-02-2012

Australian hit movie Tomorrow, When the War Began is to become the first film to be released on Facebook at the same time that it hits VOD and cinemas in the US.

Freestyle Digital Media and social entertainment company Milyoni have teamed up to launch the film on 24 February. It will be available for rental on Facebook, where users will also be able to chat about the film, share clips and access exclusive content.
Freestyle Digital EVP Steve Harnsberger said: “We are pleased to partner with Milyoni and engage the Facebook community with this number one hit film from Australia. With Facebook’s 800 million users sharing video with friends, there is zero doubt that going forward, quality independent film will thrive through effective market campaigns on Facebook.”
Milyoni CEO John Corpus added: “Helping entertainment companies bring a shared viewing experience directly to fans worldwide is what Milyoni is all about. Social media has redefined the way content is consumed and shared today and savvy companies like Freestyle recognise the importance of giving fans easy access to movies in any platform - whether it’s on Facebook, on TV or in theatres."