Pukeko launches WotWots iPhone and iPad app

Louise Duffy ©RapidTVNews | 17-02-2012

Pukeko Pictures has released a new WotWots iPhone and iPad app, Pocket SpottyWot, aimed at preschoolers.
The app allows users to tickle and poke SpottyWot, encourage him to speak and aleep, and spin him around in his hover chair. The app also encourages children to find out and learn more about animals including giraffes, crocodiles, elephants and more in the Sneak-a-Peek viewfinder.
“Our continued growth into the digital and application spaces allows for us to extend the WotWots brand beyond television screens and into the laps of preschoolers and parents. With new technology within their reach and part of their everyday lives, preschoolers are yearning to interact with their favourite characters and this application enables them to connect with SpottyWot in a way they could never have done before”, said Andrew Smith, chief executive, Pukeko Pictures.
The WotWots is a pre-school series that follows the adventures of two siblings from outer space, SpottyWot and DottyWot. They have come to Earth to explore and to marvel at its diversity of life.
The WotWots is broadcast in 90 territories around the world.