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Thread: S*K*Y card in Switzerland

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    S*K*Y card in Switzerland

    Hello to everybody !
    I have the intention to order an official SKY UK TV viewing card and I live in Switzerland and have the following questions:
    - is the DREAMBOX capable to recognize the card via an EMU?
    - if yes, which would be this EMU?
    - if yes again, does it work 100% properly (no freezing?)
    I understand that the card should be activated at the very beginning and that is done via phone and an “official” receiver
    - can this activation be done even if I’m not living in England?
    - is legal to watch sky with an original card outside England?
    - As I’m not really keen in buying an official receiver (because want to use the DB); is there another way round to activate the card? (Can I do it through a friend having an official receiver, once for ever?)
    Thank you for your assistance and any suggestion


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    Re: S*K*Y card in Switzerland

    I'm no expert by far!
    But, my understanding is that you'll need to have a Skybox.
    That the card will be tied to with a NDS-Boxkey.
    Since a Sky Card would work in a Dragon\T-Rex CAM I'd imagine that it should work in a Dream as well.
    But, heres' the rub...

    You need to replace the Sky Card back into the Linked Skybox on the order of atlest once a Month, in order to keep it updated, or face looking at a Black Screen.

    As for the legalaity of it?!
    Again I don't know. There are 'Service' Sites that will do the Paperwork for you, for around €100.00(EUR) a Year + whatever your Subscription costs.
    I don't know much about these 'Services' or if a Skybox would even be provided to you with your Subscription.

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    Re: S*K*Y card in Switzerland

    The preditor 343 works fine with original sky cards, but you will still need a sky digibox for the card to get the updates to stay alive, the free to view card or non-subscripition card will work in any box, only the premium content need the box number to work. I think the dream box does the same as the dragon.

    The FTV card only gives you Channel 4 / Five and Sky Three, the BBC and ITV and Film4 and 150 other channels are Free To Air and can be picked up by anyone in the Astra 2A/B/D footprints.

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