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Thread: Latest AV Splitter

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    Latest AV Splitter

    18.02.2012 AV Splitter

    AV Splitter is a multi-format DirectShow media splitter to demux popular sorts of media files. Has built-in fine-tuning and connection management of unregistered and registered media filters, depending on the type of content playback. With AV Splitter you can easily customize the playback in media players like Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, MediaPortal, and many others.
    Support (Formats) Containers:
    Containers: ASF, AVI, FLV, Matroska/WebM, MPEG-4/QuickTime, MPEG-PS, MPEG-TS, OGG/OGM
    Video Codecs: MPEG-2, DivX, XviD, MPEG4-ASP, VP8, MJPEG, H.264, AVC, VC-1...
    Audio Codecs: AAC, AC3, DTS, DTS-HD, TrueHD, MP3, MP2, OGG, LPCM, WAV...
    Subtitles: Text, PGS, SSA, ASS, VOB, SRT, DVB Subs
    Support .bdmv and .mpls play list files
    Editable output Media Types
    Manage Graph Builder
    Connect to preffered filter
    Checking interlaced stream
    Checking stream is DXVA compatible
    Checking ReFrames
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    Re: Latest AV Splitter

    AV Splitter Beta

    -Some fixes for ass subtitles
    -Some fixes while switching between subtitles
    -Some fixes while playing VC-1 EVO files with MPC DXVA and FFDShow's VC-1 Decoders
    -Fixed compliance problem with LAV Audio 0.47
    -Some fixes while playing MKV files which contains MPEG-4 ASP
    -Some fixes while switching between ordered chapters/editions in MediaPortal shell

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    Re: Latest AV Splitter

    AV Splitter Beta

    • Fixed freezing problem of VC-1 EVO files with ffmpeg decoder
    • Fixed a problem with ass subtitle output
    • Some fixes while rewinding
    • Added "Found Subtitle" condition to internal graph builder
    • Added support for default track flag in MKV files



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    Re: Latest AV Splitter

    AV Splitter Beta

    Version history: AV Splitter Beta

    • Fixed support problem of APE files
    • Some fixes for MKV files that contains RV40 codec
    • Fixed a problem where madVR falls with AVI files
    • Improved playback of files which have been incorrectly labeled chapters
    • Some fixes for DivX decoder filter of Cyberlink
    • Fixed/Improved seeking issues of ASF files

    Download latest beta 32 bit version

    Download latest beta 64 bit version

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    Re: Latest AV Splitter

    AV Splitter Beta

    • Some fixes for MKV files when seeking
    • Some fixes for VP7 AVI files
    • Some fixes while displaying MKV's chapters
    • Some fixes while playing MPEG-TS files
    • Improved playback of MP4 files



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    Re: Latest AV Splitter

    AV Splitter Beta

    • Some fixes while playing .WMV files
    • Fixed indeo media type

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    Re: Latest AV Splitter

    AV Splitter Beta

    Fixed v1.2.2.4's bug which was occurred at the end of playback
    AV Splitter Beta.exe

    AV Splitter Beta - x64.exe

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    Wink Re: Latest AV Splitter

    AV Splitter Beta

    AV Splitter Beta - x64 Edition

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    Re: Latest AV Splitter

    i have a sat but i dont know how to download it. please can you help me for this, i will happy if you do that for me thank you

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