HD+ tops 400,000 customers

Jörn Krieger ©RapidTVNews | 18-02-2012

HD+, the fee-based Astra platform carrying the HD versions of Germany's main commercial TV channels, continued to grow last year - on 31 December 2011, it had 404,123 paying customers.
Within a year, HD+ has thereby managed to multiply its customer numbers by more than ten (31/12/2010: 37,077). Another 1.9 million households are in the 12 month free-of-charge period. In total, the number of active HD+ households has risen to 2.3 million. Among the total of 5.9 million HD satellite households in Germany, HD+ now reaches a market penetration of 39%.
The technical reach has also grown: The number of HD+ reception devices has almost quadrupled within one year, rising from 600,900 to 2.5 million.
Operating company HD Plus, a subsidiary of satellite operator SES, expects HD+ to exceed the mark of 1 million paying customers in 2012.
The platform, which is transmitted on Astra, currently contains 12 TV channels in high-definition including RTL, Sat.1 and ProSieben. The channels, for which viewers have to pay a reception fee of €50 per year, remain available unencrypted and free-of-charge in standard-definition on Astra.