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Thread: SES-4 is @ 36 west moving East

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    SES-4 is @ 36 west moving East

    SES-4 is @ 36 West moving East

    SES 4 is a hybrid satellite featuring 52 36 MHz equivalent C-band transponders and 72 36 MHz equivalent Ku-band transponders, a substantial increase in the total capacity available at 22 degrees West

    The state-of-the-art spacecraft has been specifically designed for its orbital location, with C-Band beams serving the eastern hemisphere of Europe/Africa, full America's coverage as well as a global beam to support mobile and maritime customers.

    Four high power, regional Ku-Band beams will provide service to Europe/Middle East, West Africa, North America and South America with extensive cross-strapping between C- and Ku-band transponders providing enhanced connectivity.

    Government applications will benefit from sophisticated command encryption. The satellite is equipped with an ion propulsion system ensuring a minimum life of at least 15 years in orbit.
    At a launch weight of 5800 kilograms,

    Astra SES New Skies will deploy SES 4 over the Atlantic Ocean region at 22 degrees West this will enable NSS-7 satellite to move to a new orbital position.
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