Sky Italia beats Mediaset in World Cup arbitration battle

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 21-02-2012

The Court of Arbitration has rejected the claims submitted by RTI (Mediaset Group) against Sky Italia in a dispute in relation to rights for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
According to RTI, Sky purchased the rights to broadcast the events of the 2010 FIFA World Cup breaching a prohibition imposed by the “Undertakings” that the pay-TV company had signed with the European Commission in 2003 within its establishment.

RTI had asked the Court of Arbitration, as a matter of urgency, to make such rights available to other television operators before the start of the World Cup. After renouncing to the urgency measure, RTI subsequently demanded compensation for damages deriving from the missed revenues relating to broadcasting the tournament within its Mediaset Premium pay-TV offer.
However, in its ruling, the Court of Arbitration denied that the rights to broadcast the World Cup fell within the enforcement of the undertakings because they concerned an event deemed as unessential for the competitiveness of a competing television operator.
The Court therefore confirmed the full legitimacy of Sky’s behaviour, completely rejecting the claims submitted by RTI.