Channel One Russia, Carousel and Digital TV open up broadcasting in Poland

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 21-02-2012

Leading Polish cable operator Z.T.S. Echostar Studio has begun to offer Channel One Russia, the Carousel channel and four channels by the Digital TV family.
The deal will see the established worldwide Russian language resource of information Channel One Russia; the 24/7 thematic channels by Digital TV family — Vremya, Dom Kino, Muzika Pervogo, and the main Russian language channel for children and teenagers Carousel— now available on the cable for Z.T.S. Echostar Studio subscribers.
Today, the project of thematic television Digital TV Family is strongly associated with the new technologies, the Catholic Church and other high quality content. Biographical channel Vremya, music channel Muzika and movie channel Dom Kino are aimed audiences of different ages, interests and preferences.
Carousel combines educational and entertainment shows, films and cartoons, fun quizzes and games. The channel’s unique programmes combine educational, developmental, that teach young viewers how to realise their creative potential and broaden their horizons. Boasting over 51 million people worldwide, the Carousel channel is available throughout Russia and in many countries around the world