NDS secures CI+ modules for Kabel BW

Jörn Krieger ©RapidTVNews | 21-02-2012

Germany's third-largest cable operator Kabel BW has commenced deploying common interface modules (CI+) to its customers based on the encryption system VideoGuard developed by international technology company NDS.
The device enables customers owning a flat-screen TV set with an integrated digital cable tuner to decrypt the pay-TV packages provided by Kabel BW and Sky Deutschland directly through the TV set. A separate set-top-box is not be required. The technical precondition is that the TV set is equipped with a CI+ interface.
"As one of Germany's largest cable operators, Kabel BW are in a great position to expand the reach of their service to further devices," said Yves Padrines, NDS vice president and general manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. "With a quality content offering, their new CI+ modules ensure that an ever increasing number of people have access to their platform."
Kabel BW has been utilising VideoGuard as the encryption system for its pay-TV offering for more than five years. The CI+ module was launched on 1 February 2012 for a monthly rental fee of €3.50.