Corporación RTVE creates production division

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 21-02-2012

Cash-strapped Spanish national public broadcaster Corporación RTVE has created an in-house Production Bureau.
The new division will consist of seven representatives of workers and seven members of the management of the chain, who will aim to ensure transparency in recruitment and usage of corporation resources to produce content.
"It's an example of transparency," declared the secretary general of the CCOO trade union section in RTVE, Lola Arocha to Europa Press news agency. The functions of the new body will ensure that "all workers are employed, not contracted to outside companies if necessary and assess the current state of technical resources for the area."

The first meeting of the Bureau of Own Production will take place on 29 February and from there, over the next four months, board members will meet fortnightly. From there, and laid the foundation of the new body and how to be computed using own resources, the meetings shall be held quarterly.

"What we want is no human and technical resources that are not used or has human resources are not used because they lack the technical resources, for transparency in recruitment, which fulfil the mandate for the share under production own and mixed by type of content," Arocha added.

The need to maximise use of own resources instead of external has become even more necessary for the corporation after the €204 million Government-imposed budget reduction.