Colombia sees necessity of third network

Ińaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 21-02-2012

Colombia's State Council has decided to put an end to the tender for a third private TV network in the country, something that has been disappointing for the TV National Commission (CNTV).
The Council cancelled the entire process after a 17 to 6 vote in favour of ending the tender, which had only one participant: Spanish company Planeta. Cisneros Group and Prisa Group both backed down during the process.
According to 'TTV Media News', the CNTV's director, Jaime Andrés Estrada, stated that even though this decision delays the arrival of a new TV offer, the organisation will reinstate the process for a new channel to be added.
Both Colombia's president Juan Manuel Santos and the TIC's minister, Diego Molano, have said the offer should include three, four and even five networks.
Estrada believes a new private channel will give the country more "news diversity, more entertainment alternatives and higher competition within the audiovisual industry." He also stated it's necessary to have a third network since Colombia's audiovisual market has changed significantly in the last couple of years.
"The increase in pay-TV’s penetration, the arrival of new technologies and the transition from analogue to digital TV have created a new scenario with more competition, in which the basic value should be determined accordingly," he added.