Comcast Media will bring cloud CDN and VOD titles to pay-TV operators

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 21-02-2012

Comcast Media and its subsidiary HITS, an on-demand platform provider, is rolling out the cloud-based HITS On Demand content distribution network to operators.
The cloud-based solution makes thousands of titles from Comcast’s content distribution platform available to third-party operators, without the need for them to upgrade their local storage.
On-demand asset delivery adoption continues to grow amongst operators and subscribers, with three times as many U.S. consumers watching on demand programming in 2011 compared to the previous year (according to Motorola Mobility’s 2011 Media Engagement Barometer) and 101 million VOD-enabled homes expected within 10 years ( via SNL Kagan’s Media Trends 2011 report).
With the additional capacity of the CDN, operators can attract more viewers on existing VOD platforms and further monetise their on-demand investments. In addition, the asset-based solution keeps subscribers using the cable infrastructure rather than turning to other options for long-tail content.
Sophisticated algorithms in the CDN utilise centralised content hosting, edge caches and local VOD servers to maximise storage. The availability of large stores of content in a cloud-based environment allows cable operators to increase their on demand library without the need to add incremental local storage capacity. The HITS On Demand CDN supports today’s widely deployed MPEG-2 set top boxes (STBs).
"The new HITS On Demand CDN satisfies growing subscriber demand for more content that fits their schedule, delivered using a familiar interface and leverages cable providers’ existing infrastructure. This helps to keep customers turning to cable first for compelling video entertainment," said Leslie Russell, vice president and general manager of HITS.