FOX News Channel coming to a gas pump near you

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 22-02-2012

Talk about pumping up the multiscreen opportunity: Outcast, a gas station technology company, is bringing FOX News to gas pump screens across the U.S., as part of what it calls PumpTop TV.
Conservative-leaning FOX News, the most-watched cable news network in the States, will deliver daily news updates via the service to on-the-go viewers while they fuel up, via about 13,000 screens nationwide. And it will likely not be the last content provider to sign up, either. Outcast also recently announced the addition of NFL Network to the programming lineup, which features NFL game highlights and Thursday Night Football information.
"This exclusive partnership with the top-rated FOX News channel enhances the programming for our 26 million drivers who spend 13% more time on the road than the average adult and find it increasingly difficult to stay up to speed with current events," said Nathan Gill, chief revenue officer at Outcast.
Besides the obvious benefit of giving drivers something more to look at during fill-up than the skyrocketing price-per-gallon, Outcast is operating under the assumption that a mobile consumer is an influential consumer. Someone who is out and about is more likely to reach others with their brand opinions-- 68% more likely according to a recent Gfk MRI study.
Outcast offers two channels, PumpTop and the Health Club Media Network. Advertisers reach a Nielsen-measured combined audience of more than 68 million active consumers each month at health clubs and gas stations in 130 DMAs.