Raystream Announces Contract with Cinefly

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 22-02-2012

Like most IPTV providers, Cinefly said it was looking for a solution that offered the best Quality of Experience possible for the online viewing experience for customers while saving money in bandwidth costs and storage services.
"We were definitely skeptical that Raystream's compression technology could deliver such reduced bitrates and file sizes without impacting image quality. After compressing various source files with different codecs and bitrates, however, and seeing no obvious compression artifacts or loss in quality, we were sold," said Rick Williams, founder of Cinefly. "We've now signed up with Raystream because of the significant savings we'll realize in streaming and storage costs of our premium HD content."
Cinefly's site offers instructional, travel and destination, documentary and conservation films from around the world, all dedicated to the sport of fly fishing. Cinefly also provides industry news, gear reviews, 'vodcasts' and new release trailers, as well as download-to-own movies and DVD/Blu-ray titles.
Raystream’s HD video compression technology decreases the file size of HD videos by an average of 70%, with no significant decrease in the sharp images and intense colors of HD, the companies said.
Raystream’s compression solution is available for streaming HD video-on-demand (VOD), live streaming and full HD 3D videos.