Holland's dune buggy steals show in Surprise

Rangers pitcher rolls into camp in unique off-road vehicle

By T.R. Sullivan / MLB.com | 02/21/12 6:00 PM EST

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- There are some pretty expensive cars in the Rangers' parking lot, including Charley Pride's Mercedes, an Audi R8 and multiple trucks and SUVs. Manager Ron Washington drives a Yukon.
Then there is Derek Holland's vehicle, which doesn't even look legal. Or safe. But there it was in the parking lot: some kind of beat-up dune buggy that looked like he stumbled across in the middle of a desert.
"It's a Razor S," Holland said. "It's an off-road vehicle. But it has license plates so you can drive it on the road. It's perfectly legal."

Rangers pitcher Derek Holland's dune buggy sits in the parking lot at Surprise Stadium. (T.R. Sullivan/MLB.com)

Holland actually drives it in the White Tank Mountains, which are about 20 miles west and hover majestically over the Rangers complex. They rise to a height of around 4,000 feet and that's where Holland takes his vehicle.
"Oh yeah, it's nice over there," Holland said. "There are a bunch of trails and you can see a lot of things. There is a cave that we found the other day. If you get on the mountain top, you can look over the city. It's great."
It's a two-seater, so Holland can take a teammate with him. Pitcher Cody Eppley rode along to camp on Tuesday and has been up in the mountains with him. But Eppley made it clear that riding with Holland is perfectly safe.
"We're not stupid," Eppley said. "It's just nice to get out and see the mountains and the White Tanks and get away from everything."
"When it gets dark you can hear a coyote now and then," Eppley said. "I haven't see any snakes."