Rodriguez launches Tres Pistoleros for American Latino content

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia ©RapidTVNews | 23-02-2012

Robert Rodriguez and John Fogelman's FactoryMade Ventures has established a new production unit, Tres Pistoleros, devoted to developing content for the new El Rey cable channel.
As RTVN reported, the English-language El Rey is one of two Hispanic-owned and -focused channels being taken on by Comcast as part of its diversity initiative mandated as a condition of the NBCUniversal merger.
Pistoleros will look to tap Hispanic creative talent to star in a wide range of films, TV and multiplatform projects. Documentaries, reality series, drama, sports, comedy and more will all be part of the mix.
"Tres Pistoleros Productions and the El Rey Network represent a momentous step in the right direction for the Latino community in this country," Rodriguez said at launch. "As a second-generation Mexican American and father of five, I am excited that viewers like my family will have a place to see themselves and tell their stories," "I am passionate about creating content that we can be proud of by appealing to both Latino and mass market audiences."