comScore: Facebook display ads dominate online ad spending in Brazil

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia ©RapidTVNews | 23-02-2012

comScore recently launched the Ad Metrix service in Brazil, to monitor the appearance of display ads and audience demographics.
Despite the growing availability of online video in the country, traditional display ads still rule the roost.
In December 2011, 62.9 billion display ad impressions were delivered online in Brazil, reaching 50.8 million Internet users. Results from the study found that ranked as the top display ad publisher during the month, accounting for 17.4% of total display ad impressions, while led as the top advertiser with 2.5 billion display ad impressions.
"With the average Brazilian Internet user exposed to more than 1,200 display ads each month, the online advertising market has never been more vibrant or offered better marketing opportunities for advertisers, agencies and publishers," said Alex Banks, comScore managing director for Brazil. "comScore Ad Metrix brings the Brazilian market a much needed competitive intelligence tool that delivers the critical insights needed to optimise digital advertising strategies and better understand performance versus the competition."
Facebook offered 11 billion display ad impressions (a 17.4% market share) reaching 33.1 million people online. Globo ranked second, serving nearly 8.9 billion display ads (14.1% share), followed by UOL with 7.7 billion display ads (12.2% share) and Terra – Telefonica with 7.2 billion ad impressions (11.4% share).