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Thread: Technomate 5402HD red light flashig

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    Technomate 5402HD red light flashig

    Hi i am new to the set up and have just set up Technomate5402HD CI+, it started to show the programmes and relapsed into the standby mode with the red flashing light. i had not operated anything this happened by itself and would not respond to the remote control or any switches on the box. it will only respond to pulling the electric cable out. if i leave it for say 15-20 minutes it wil again come back and within few minutes relapse into the standby mode. Any help appreciated. i am in UK

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    Re: Technomate 5402HD red light flashig

    Had same problem and UNFORTUNATELY sent it back to Technomate.

    Not happy because I live in Australia and had to pay for courier service to and from UK. Its the most expensive receiver I've ever had...

    Very poor customer service Technomate :(( and must be a common fault with this box as I have seen similar post's on other satellite forums...

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    Re: Technomate 5402HD red light flashig

    did you try turning off at the back leave for about a minute the press and hold the menu button while switching back on this should bring you into the loader menu do a hard factory reset here and reload firmware and after a factory reset reload patched software.
    make sure to take note off your server details and back up channellist because the hard factory reset will clear out the whole memory

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