Samsung adds SuperSport to smart TVs in SA

Rebecca Hawkes ©RapidTVNews| 26-02-2012

Samsung and SuperSport TV have teamed up to provide an app for the popular sports network on the South Korean manufacturer's connected TV sets in South Africa.
The app will allow a scaled down version of full package from SuperSport, which is carried across sub-Saharan Africa on the DStv platform. It will include live event streaming from SuperSport channels, sports news feeds and match statistics.
"Being an Internet connected device, the smart TV allows for the delivery of content in a manner that is less restrictive than traditional television sets. We are always experimenting with new and exciting ways of delivering sports content to our audience and this seemed like a good place to start. We will continue to experiment with new technologies, and in doing so, we aim to delight our users on multiple platforms," said Graeme Cumming, general manager, online portals, DStv.
Justin Shaw, business leader for visual display, Samsung Electronics South Africa added: "This is an exciting development for our consumers; the application will enhance the SuperSport viewing experience by allowing them to watch live content whilst getting updates via the ticker, as well as access richer content with picture and text capabilities.
"The development of locally relevant applications is key to success in the African market and we will continue to innovate by bringing locally relevant, rich and interactive content to the television, across the continent."