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Thread: PushService 0.1

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    PushService 0.1

    Push Service (abbreviated HP) keeps you always up to date what's happening on your Dreambox.

    This hp configurable regular intervals or at certain events is performed, check your Dreambox to your specifications and notifies you by email about events / discrepancies.

    Here is an email notification:
    Subject: DM8000 Push Service: Free space warning
    Free disk space limit has been reached:
    Path: / media / hdd / movie
    Limit: 100 GB
    Left: 88 GB
    Provided by Dreambox Plugin 0.1 Push Service
    C 2012 by betonme @ IHAD
    Controls during the setup:
    Green: Save and Close
    Red / Exit: Exit without saving
    Blue: Add a new plugin
    Yellow: remove plugin
    Text: test Current unsaved email configuration
    To send a test run without an e-mail: info

    The basic configuration of HP config is stored in the E2.
    All Plugin settings are stored in an XML file (default = / etc/enigma2/pushservice.xml).

    HP Basic configuration:
    Enable True Push Service =
    Dreambox name (email subject) = Dreambox
    Config file = / etc/enigma2/pushservice.xml
    Start time (HH: MM) = 1:00 Clock
    Period in hours (0 = disabled) = 24
    Run on boot = True
    SMTP server =
    SMTP port = 587
    SMTP SSL = True
    Mail from =
    Mail to or leave empty

    Current plugins with examples and options:
    Before you give a path and the required free space is, the calculated free space under it, you'll get an email.
    Can be added multiple times to different stores can be tested.
    -Allow HDD wake up = False
    -Where to check free space = / media / hdd / movie
    Free-space limit in GB = 100GB

    The car hits a timer timer conflict and can not hold a program and therefore creates a disabled timer (must be activated). PS would you send an e-mail directly to the case with that timer.
    - Remove deactivated timer (s) after successful transmission = False (False On HP wants to tag them as DeactivatedTimerPushed)

    Based on the DMM function. You're away from home and there is a GS, the Dreambox will reboot automatically and sends you a notification with the crashlog in the Appendix.
    -Delete crashlog (s) after successful transmission = False (False On HP wants to rename them. Pushed)

    Record Summary:
    A list of all recordings made will be sent to you.
    Remove finished-timer (s) only after = False (False On HP wants to tag them as FinishedTimerPushed)

    You get an immediate notification when a recording starts or finishes.
    Send notification on record start = False
    Send notification on record end = True

    When updates are ready you will get a list of all plugins with the currently installed version and the version of the update.
    Start check update if not yet done = False

    Additional plug-in modules can easily be added at run time without restarting.
    When the setup is opened, the settings and modules will be reloaded.
    Each module can provide additional settings, which are then automatically included in the config.
    (Explanation follows for developers)

    Configuration / options translate
    Explanation of the modules
    Public Beta Test
    Gravity GIT -> Feed

    Localization is prepared, so anyone can contribute.

    Zip unzip and copy to / usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/PushService


    Thanks betonme
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    Re: PushService 0.1

    Update 02.03.2012
    IPKG is updated
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    Re: PushService 0.1

    Push service 0.1.2

    SSL and MailTo degrees times I watch on.

    @ Frallo
    These are just the default values ​​of the plugin.
    As far as I know, only stores E2, the deviations from the standard values​​, ie if you are there einträgst your values​​, they are gone the next update.
    All settings should be stored E2 in / etc/enigma2/settings.

    Mailto was only slightly reversed, will be fixed in the next update.
    Can you send me your still SSL error, then I watch the still on.

    Please test your SMTP time with the attached version.
    Twisted still offers a separate parameter.
    You can now Config in the SSL and TLS enabled separately.
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    Re: PushService 0.1

    Update 05.02.2012

    Fix: SSL Shipping revised
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