HDF team v.4 image based on the RED Team Images from 17/02/2012.
This image is for GigaBlue HD 800 Solo!

The file on a USB stick to copy and plug the receiver. The receiver fully reboot.
If still no current bootloader have been previously installed then flash the preflash.

- Contain full backup script for your own backups in the HDF-toolbox.
- Small details in the skin adapted Nobile (Second infobar).
- Prepared and Hotbird Channel List Astra19
- Includes current Picon for Hotbird and Astra19 in the image.
- Various plugins (Shoutcast, TV Charts Cool TV Guide, etc.)
- Include all common image in emus (HDF SoftcamManager on Toolbox).
- Enigma contain updates, updated drivers from 02/17/2012, some additional python libs.
- Contain current OpenWebif through port 80 into the image.
- Old web interface on port 8088 with a bouquet editor available.
- PLi modded Army of skin as default skin
- Webmedia 5 and current WebradioFS
- Shoutcast with all the extras
- Advertising Zapper sports portal, TVCharts, Foreca and then some.

known Bugs
- After playing an MP3 is not automatically the next MP3 file.
- At the beginning of the video wizard starts twice.

If anyone has ideas or fixes it then just tell me. I'm thankful for every idea.
Updates can then be easily distributed over the HDF toolbox.