Film Four & Film Four +1: 27-02-2012.

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11:00Orphans of the Storm[SUB BW]
Two abandoned children are raised together as sisters. As they grow up, one of them starts to lose her sight and the other vows to take care of her. They go to Paris seeking medical treatment, only to get caught up in the chaos of the French Revolution. DW Griffith's silent thriller, starring Lillian and Dorothy Gish, with Joseph SchildkrautFilm/Detective/Thriller

14:05High Society[SUB HD]
Romantic complications arise when a playboy composer sets out to win back his ex-wife. However, she is about to marry another man - and the situation becomes even more entangled when a cynical reporter enters the fray. Musical comedy based on The Philadelphia Story with a score by Cole Porter, starring Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and Grace Kelly, with Louis Armstrong appearing as himselfFilm/Musical/Comedy

16:15True Grit[SUB HD]
One-eyed, over-the-hill US Marshal Rooster Cogburn reluctantly agrees to help a girl track down her father's killer. The quest is complicated by a Texas Ranger, who is also on the murderer's trail, and a host of villains who have few qualms about disposing of the meddling youngster and her protector. Western, starring an Oscar-winning John Wayne alongside Jeff Corey, Kim Darby, Glen Campbell, Robert Duvall and Dennis HopperFilm/Western

18:50One Fine Day[SUB]
The working day for two mismatched single professionals is thrown into turmoil when their children have to stay at home after missing a school trip. The pair agree to take it in turns to babysit while struggling to stick to their hectic schedules - but during the course of the day their feelings for each other blossom unexpectedly. Romantic comedy, starring George Clooney, Michelle Pfeiffer, Charles Durning and Mae WhitmanFilm/Comedy

21:00The Devil Wears Prada[SUB AD HD]
A woman with dreams of becoming a journalist takes a job as assistant to a prestigious fashion magazine editor - a position that should guarantee a bright future if she succeeds. Unfortunately, she has just signed up to work for the boss from hell, whose cruel personality and outrageous demands make her life a nightmare. Comedy drama, with Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Stanley Tucci and Emily BluntFilm/Comedy

23:10Election[SUB HD]
A teacher develops an irrational dislike for an overambitious student and plans to sabotage her campaign for school president. He persuades a dim-witted athlete to stand in the hope he will pip the high-achieving front-runner to the post - but the intervention of another student throws the plan into disarray. Satirical comedy, starring Matthew Broderick, Reese Witherspoon, Chris Klein and Jessica CampbellFilm/Comedy

01:10La Regle du Jeu[BW HD]
A pilot returns from a record-breaking flight consumed with misery, as the married woman he is in love with does not feel the same way. A friend arranges for him to attend a shooting party held by the object of his affection's aristocratic husband, and the romantic intrigues expose deep-set class divisions. Comedy drama, directed by and starring Jean Renoir. With Roland Toutain, Marcel Dalio and Nora Gregor. In FrenchFilm/Comedy